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Archaeologists have found the sunken ship of the time of the first Roman Emperor

Археологи отыскали затонувший корабль времен первого римского императораThe archeologists got important artifacts.

Found in Egypt shipwrecks with unique artifacts.

An international team of scientists discovered off the coast of Egypt, the traces of a shipwreck from the Roman period. In the place of underwater excavation have been found not only the remains of ancient ships, but also items that they carried.

The Supreme Council of antiquities of Egypt announced the discoveries made in the Harbor of Alexandria and the Bay of Abu-Kir. In the past this part of the Nile Delta was the land, and it housed a major port city Heraklion and Canopus (they disappeared under the water to the VIII century of our era).

Excavations in the Gulf have been underway for two decades. Season 2017 enriched science with several valuable findings: at the bottom was located three wrecks from the Roman period, and ritual of the castle, which could serve to transport the statue of the God Osiris during the solemn processions.

Among the most important items — carved of crystal head depicting Mark Antony, and three gold coins, minted during the reign of Octavian Augustus. Excavations in the Bay of Abu-Kir will continue next year. Area searches will be expanded: last season scientists have discovered a wooden ship’s hull and ceramic shards — and it suggests that nearby is another sunken ship

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