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Archaeologists have found the remains of the first British monks

Археологи нашли останки первых британских монаховThe researchers found about 60 skeletons.

Archaeologists have found skeletons of the first monks in the UK.

In the course of excavations on the site of the chapel Bekeri, which, according to legend, was visited by king Arthur, the researchers found about 60 skeletons, most of which belonged to adult men. Also among them were two skeletons adolescents. Radiocarbon Dating showed that the remains belong to V–VI century. Previously found the remains of the monks of the Abbey of Iona in Scotland belonged to the late sixth century, Glastonbury Abbey – VII.

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Chapel Bekeri was in Glastonbury, one of the oldest cities in England, located in the territory of the County Somersetshire. Further investigation of the remains will allow to set local or newcomers were the inhabitants of the chapel.

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