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Archaeologists have found the oldest prosthesis on the planet

Археологи нашли древнейший протез на планетеArchaeologists discovered in an Egyptian tomb very doable, antique prosthetic leg on the Ground.

Scientists from the University of Basel have discovered supposedly the oldest prosthetic in human history.

The prosthesis, which is approximately three thousand years, was discovered in the tomb of woman, buried near Luxor, according to the website of the University.

Discovered the prosthesis is a wooden toe of the right leg of the woman who repeatedly remade and was carefully tailored to the leg of a daughter of a priest. The prosthesis is fastened to the foot using a complex system of straps.

As the researchers note, the prosthesis was manufactured with high knowledge of human physiology. They also note that it provides complete mobility and was extremely durable. The fact that the prosthesis was so thorough and laborious manner indicates that the person for whom it was made, was highly valued aesthetics, natural appearance and comfort, had sufficient influence and power to provide for them.

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