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Archaeologists have found an ancient ship, which is almost 2 thousand years

Археологи нашли древнее судно, которому почти 2 тысячи летShip from Roman times was discovered by Spanish archaeologists.

Spanish archaeologists have discovered near the island of Cabrera (part of the group of the Balearic Islands), the ship of the Roman Empire, sunk approximately 1.8 thousand years ago.

So, the ship is at a depth of 70 meters. The ship was carrying a large number of amphorae, which are very well preserved. This is one of the most valuable finds in the Balearic Islands.

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“As far as we know, the first time in Spanish waters found a ship, absolutely untouched since the flooding,” said archaeologist Javier Rodriguez. Just off the island of Cabrera found 12 ships of the times of the Roman Empire.

First that on the bottom can be an old ship, according to local fishermen, in the network which were fragments of amphorae.

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Then in April last year a scientific expedition plunged into the area of the two robots that took the pictures of the huge amount of amphorae of various sizes under the 15-metre layer of sand. In October, two professional divers made several dives to explore the ship. Only done about two thousand pictures.

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