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Archaeologists have disproved the popular myth about the discovery of America

Археологи опровергли популярный миф об открытии АмерикиScientists have already started digging and found the first real evidence of the Vikings stay in Canada.

Archaeologists have found proof that the Vikings discovered America first. Scientists from Canada claim that the legendary village Hop was in the Bay of Miramichi.

Scientists believe that found a legendary Viking settlement Hop on the site of the present town of new Brunswick in Eastern Canada.

Birgitta Wallace is a canadian archaeologist who spent most of his life in search of traces of the warlike Vikings in North America — recently has provided evidence of their early presence on the continent.

According to the oral Scandinavian legends, Vikings founded Hóp about 1000 years ago, long before Christopher Columbus discovered America. According to legend, this place was full of grapes, river — salmon, and the boat it was possible to upholster with the skins of local animals. The only place that meets all these conditions — the Bay of Miramichi, new Brunswick. The hypothesis is also confirmed by the fact that many of the artifacts discovered during the excavation of a Viking settlement, made of wood, which is native to new Brunswick.

Unfortunately, more substantial evidence of his hypothesis, the archaeologist yet failed to present. The settlement of Hop was temporary, removing from the place, the Vikings took the tools, weapons and the bodies of their dead.

Wallace promised that he will continue excavations in this area to provide conclusive confirmation of the fact that in place of new Brunswick once existed a lost town in Northern warlike people.

The Scandinavians knew how to extract iron ore. Archaeologists have found approximately 13 kilograms of slag in the hearth, which, according to them, were used for roasting iron ore.

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