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Archaeologists have discovered in France the ruins of the ancient Roman city

Археологи обнаружили во Франции руины древнеримского городаFound mosaics are impressive with their large size, good preservation and motifs.

In the French town of Uzès scientists from the National Institute of archaeological research in the country found traces of 2000 year old Roman city.

First discovered artifacts of the mosaic that decorated the floor of a Grand building of Roman architecture.

Scientists have found a 2,000 year-old complex of buildings, among which are bakery. The walls and floors of these buildings contain paintings and engravings, including two mosaics, which the master laid out on the floor.

“This mosaic is very impressive because of its large size, good preservation and motifs that combine classic geometric shapes with pictures of animals. This kind of elaborate mosaic pavement is often found in the Roman world in the 1st and 2nd centuries of our era, but our mosaic was created about 200 years before this, so this is amazing” say the researchers.

Informed about this settlement scientists almost nothing known. Excavations were initiated in October 2016, when in place during construction of the school was discovered by the ancient buildings under the ground.

“Before we started our work, we knew that there was a Roman town called Ucetia, just because his name was mentioned on the stele in Nimes, along with 11 other settlement names in the region,” says Philip Kane, of the French National Institute for preventive archaeological research.

The team of the Institute is to continue the excavations during 2017. Scientific report about the detected artifacts will also be published within 2017, when artifacts are properly analyzed and dated.

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