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Archaeologists have discovered a mini version of the terracotta army

Археологи обнаружили мини-версию терракотовой армииThe age of the finds is estimated at 2100.

According to researchers, the miniature figures were made 100 years after the appearance of the original terracotta army. The figures were discovered in an ancient pit. In its southern part there were figures of cavalry and chariots, and a guard tower with a height of 140 centimeters. In the center of the pit was the Marines who lined the square, and in its Northern part there was a stage on which set of figures of musicians.

The researchers note that the form and scale of the pit indicate that it was part of a larger burial site. Discovered artifacts, most likely, accompanied the tomb of a noble man, for example, the monarch or Prince.

According to scientists, the army was made to Liu Hong, the son of the Chinese Emperor Wu, who ruled from 141-87 years BC. Khun lived in the city of Lintz, the capital of the Kingdom of Qi, and died in the year 110 BC, leaving no heirs. However, the tomb of Liu Hong could be destroyed during the construction of the railway in 60-70-ies of XX century.

The terracotta army is the burial of more than eight thousand full-size terracotta statues of Chinese warriors and their horses from the mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang in XI’an. The burial was discovered in March 1974 during the drilling of artesian wells. In 1987, UNESCO included the terracotta army in the world heritage list as part of tomb complex of the first Emperor of Qin dynasty.

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