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Archaeologists discovered unknown objects Maya

Археологи обнаружили неизвестные объекты майяIn addition, obnarujeny was previously unknown pyramids, terraces, canals, dams, cemeteries and walls.

Archaeologists from the United States and Guatemala with the help of laser scanning found in the vicinity of the largest city-States of the Maya of El Mirador previously unknown objects.

El Mirador was surveyed using high-precision radar from the aircraft. For 38 hours, the scientists scanned laser jungle that hides an ancient city. He is believed to have appeared about 600 BC

“We have received high resolution images of each site, the pyramids and the channel in the Central part of the basin the Mirador area of more than 700 square kilometers, says project Director Richard Hansen. – It was confirmed many hypotheses and put forward new ones that have yet to be tested”.

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One of the most important discoveries was the discovery of the road network with a total length of over 240 kilometers. Scientists call it unique. The network connects some 50 cities that were included in the metropolis. Most of them discovered for the first time. In addition, were found to be previously unknown pyramids, terraces, canals, dams, cemeteries and walls on the borders of the state.

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According to scientists, the El Mirador was the representative of a closed political system. According to preliminary estimates, its territory was home to one million people. Laser scanning of the terrain will continue in 2017.

Help. El Mirador is located in the Department of Peten in the North of Guatemala. Was discovered in 1926. It was the capital of the Kingdom canal. The city has two major pyramids: a 55-metre El Tigre and 72-foot La Danta. In El Mirador we found a lot of images large concentration of the deity of Vucub-cakes.

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