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Appointed by the Kremlin, the aircraft manufacturer Yurchenko retired from wfla, knocking into a tailspin athletics

Назначенный Кремлем авиастроитель Юрченко ушел из ВФЛА, свалив в штопор легкую атлетику

The President of the Russian athletics Federation (vfla) Evgeny Yurchenko announced his resignation. The aircraft manufacturer Yurchenko, who is the protege of the Kremlin, headed by wfla in late February 2020, and worked for only 4.5 months.

“Today I announce my resignation from the post of President of the Russian athletics Federation, thus starting the process of re-election of the leadership of the club. I would like to thank all not indifferent to destiny of the Russian athletics professionals with whom I worked during this short but very challenging period. I would especially like to acknowledge the work of members of the Presidium and the Board of athletes Federation which faced very serious difficulties of the protracted crisis,” – said in a farewell statement, “catapult” official.

Yurchenko hopes that the newly elected head of the club will be able to move forward in the resolution of five years of difficulties in the relationship with the International Federation (World Athletics), as well as ensure the mobilization of sufficient financing for the development of athletics.

We will remind that the previous head of the Federation Dmytro shlyahtin was removed from office in connection with the investigation into the doping case Danil Lysenko. Yurchenko repentance for the sins of the former leadership, however, failed to take further steps to exit the crisis.

During the short reign of Yurchenko leading athletes of the country have accused him of inaction and betrayal of the interests of clean athletes, and also asked for help from Putin.

It is on Yurchenko was charged with the mission to exit from the five-year crisis in the domestic athletics. In 2015 because of doping scandals, Russian athletes can participate in international competitions only with special permission and strictly in neutral status, however, because of the proceedings on the case of Lysenko they were deprived of even these “privileges”.


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