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Apples – the best alternative to morning coffee

Яблоки - лучшая альтернатива утреннему кофеHow to give up your daily caffeine.

For many people, the love for coffee into a real relationship.

Sometimes, a Cup of aromatic coffee – the only thing that can make us get up in the morning. However, not always coffee brings your body a favor. Many and do we need to completely eliminate it diet.

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But how to do it? How to give up your morning caffeine? It turns out, vigor also gives us fructose. It raises the level of blood sugar, which in turn instantly increases efficiency.

The best source of fructose is considered the apples. They contain boron (increases alertness) and quercetin (stimulates works muscle cells). Invigorates and crunch that we publish, munching apples. Add on top a wonderful taste and aroma of apples. These reasons are enough to once and for all to abandon your morning coffee.

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