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Apple will release a foldable smartphone experts

Apple выпустит складной смартфон, - экспертыApple will release a “smartphone shock” in 2020

Apple in 2020 will release a smartphone that will become a sensation in the market of mobile devices. Such assumption was put forward by the experts of Bank of America.

According to them, copertina present “shock smartphone” that will change the way you think about mobile technology. The device will be radically different from their “brothers”. Analysts suggest that in 2020, Apple will show the world the real foldable smartphone. He will get OLED screen independent from each other pixels. To create its revolutionary iPhone company will involve all their financial and technological resources. Some of these technologies are currently only at the development stage.

According to the analysts, to create a foldable Apple will process and literally create a new motherboard, memory, batteries and other components of the device, so that eventually they are able to function well in a bent mode. At the first place the company will be the security of the phone.

Price “smartphone shock” is still unknown, but the source reports that the presentation will take place in the second half of 2020.

It is obvious that Apple is engaged in the development of this kind. The following conclusions can be drawn from patents of different types of technologies that are now actively registers the company. In sum, the Corporation already has 200 patents, including foldable case and screen for mobile phones.

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