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Apple will not release iPhone SE 2

Smartphone Apple iPhone SE the 4-inch device stuffed with the iPhone 6 found its niche and has even gained fans among those 4-inch screens is more than enough. Last week there were rumors about the preparation of the second generation to release this fall, but analysts believe that the new gadget on the market is still not received.

Smartphone Apple iPhone SE 2, namely the so-called author of rumors, supposedly will retain the compact dimensions, but it will be built on the same hardware that the iPhone 7 model, 2016. Such an outcome is probable, but experts believe that even if the release takes place, the sale will be very insignificant on the background of fewer poll. Even the most hard-nosed conservatives begin to understand that the consumption of content, communication, messengers, and navigation – all this is easier to do on the big screen. For this reason, manufacturers of Android devices have long ceased to mass production of devices with screens less than 5 inches – the demand for them has fallen sharply, and these devices are simply almost no one buys. According to statistics, more and more consumers pay attention to devices with screens of 5.5 inch as a happy medium between compactness of a smartphone and the convenience of a tablet with the content.

In this regard, new Apple iPhone SE 2 will look like an outdated dinosaur, not able to oppose anything a full-sized modern gadgets, the same iPhone 7s Plus, which will be released this fall. Therefore, the probability of occurrence of this unit in the lineup of Apple tends to zero, so if you have the desire to buy compact IPhone it is better to choose the current and the only first generation Apple iPhone per SE.

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