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Apple will delay the introduction of 5G

Apple отложит внедрение 5GThe manufacturer will wait until “at least 2020”.

Apparently, Apple will introduce the iPhone, able to use faster cell data network 5G in 2019.

The manufacturer will wait until “at least 2020”.

It is expected that in 2019 in the markets of USA, China and other markets, Apple will be the 5G network. 5G promises one of the biggest jumps in speed cellular data transmission, and Apple’s competitors such as Samsung are likely to sell the phones 5G in the next year. In addition, networks such as Verizon, eager to attract users to the new 5G network.

Apple’s decision may be due to hostile relations with the company with Qualcomm, leading manufacturer of modems 5G. Apple and Qualcomm are unable to agree on patent rights.

Apple may believe that the transition to 5G is premature. On the other hand, the arms may be connected, as its partner Intel is not ready for the transition to the modem support 5G. Many consumers probably will not complain about the lag in 2019, but as soon as the network improves in 2020, Apple will have to change rapidly to please customers.

This is not the first case when Apple later moves to a new wireless technology. The very first iPhone, released in 2007, supported only 2G network, despite the fact that at that time was available to a much faster 3G network. In 2011, the iPhone 4S supports 3G appeared after users on competing platforms have already worked with the 4G network.

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