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Apple will add “live” photos on the sites

Apple позволит добавлять «живые» фото на сайты“Live” photo with the iPhone will soon be seen not only on the iOS devices, but also all over the Internet.

Apple has announced the launch of application programming interface LivePhotosKit JS, which will allow developers to incorporate special animated images to the sites.

Developers will be able to add these photos as DOM elements, that is, like any other images and videos. They will be able to specify exactly how “live” photos should be played. In particular, it is possible to give the option to play the animation by clicking on the Live button in the upper right corner of the image.

The ability to add “live” photo sites appeared for the first time. Last year, Google introduced the Motion Stills app that allows iOS users to stabilize images and share them — however, as GIF images or videos.

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Apple introduced the format of “live” photos in 2015. At first it was only available to owners of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, but later got up to iPhone SE iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad and 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

About a year ago, Snap has provided the ability to play certain videos from Snapchat in web browsers. Facebook has also taken a number of actions to improve this aspect of Instagram.

Player for the new API works in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge. Support for Android is still in beta stage, so performance may vary depending on the device.

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