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Apple went crazy and blocked the iPad for more than 47 years

Apple сошла с ума и заблокировала iPad на более чем 47 лет впередThe life cycle of each iPhone and iPad is about 3-4 years post the expiry of which the device begins to slow down and even cease to receive updates of the iOS operating system.

One of the people in the US, we were unlucky. When he pulled out his Apple tablet out of the closet in which he spent about three years use it was impossible. Immediately after charging, and the inclusion of a tablet computer refused to work correctly, it is recommended to do more than 47 years.

A resident of the United States was just an incredible story that happened because of Apple. At the time, “Apple” the Corporation has not paid enough attention to the test of time in iOS 9, which worked iPad American. When he first turned it on in three years, the screen of the tablet he saw the inscription with the information that make it an unlock can only be made after 24 735 744 minutes, that is more than 47 years.

First, the resident assumed it was some bug, but after a few restarts the problem persisted. Then he decided to tell that story in a comment on Reddit that kind of bug became public. Users immediately suggested the American two solutions of the problem – the easiest way is just to wait 48 years and then get access to all data stored on the tablet. The second method allows to solve the problem much faster, but requires time.

This kind of problem arose from the fact that in three years the iPad has completely drained, with the result that he was in some kind of time loop. When you first turn on the tablet is thought in the yard on 1 January 1970, so he suggested to wait until the end of 2017, using the memory stored value. The problem is compounded by the fact that if you set this date, all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running on iOS 9, start running “crooked”. Occur regularly crashes and restarts, and the date, time and numbers are calculated incorrectly.

Though Apple is out of their mind, effectively blocking the iPad for more than 47 years, but she left the possibility to solve this problem without going to service centre and without much expectations in nearly five decades. To do this, just connect the tablet to the computer with iTunes, then sync. On its results the iPad itself by setting the correct time and the problem will be solved.

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