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Apple Watch 4 saved the life of the owner

Apple Watch 4 спасли жизнь владельцуThe incident occurred in Sweden.

During the official presentation of the smart watch Apple Watch Series 4, the developers have focused on several new features, in particular on the system, which allows to detect a fall of the user.

This feature really works, what’s more, she actually saved a life.

The incident occurred in Sweden. Man Gustavo Rodriguez was preparing dinner on the stove, and suddenly felt in his back, something pinched and he painfully fell to the floor. The man could not move, while the fire on the stove was still burning and there was danger of fire.

While Gustavo was on hand, Apple Watch Series 4. The gadget has recorded a drop and offered to contact the emergency service 112, which gave him the coordinates to ambulances. Also hours the victim was able to call my mother-in-law, who lives in a neighboring apartment, and she came and extinguished the fire on the stove.

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