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Apple was cheated out of a capacity of the battery in the new covers

Apple обманула с емкостью батареек в новых чехлахA cunning plan Apple is quite understandable.

Apple released a “humpback” holsters iPhone XS and XS Max with built-in batteries for rapid recharging.

It seemed like a great idea, here are just a few years ago there was similar cases for the iPhone 7, and they, in spite of an equally disgusting design, was much better in terms of quality.

As it became known, the capacity of the batteries in the new cases Apple and a half times lower in comparison with cases for seventh – IPhone- 1369 2365 mAh vs mAh. The screen in the iPhone 7 is smaller than the iPhone XS and XS Max’s battery is bigger and it consumes less energy. A cunning plan Apple is quite understandable – spending less money on the production of such cases, she can earn more on their sales, regardless of what it looks like from the point of view of ethics.

In simple terms, allocation, first, milk second, bred for money, and it is an obvious fact. By the way, a Chinese online stores have long sold such covers with a decent design and at a more reasonable price. But if the original products on all fronts, and worse, why pay more? Apple is the business of God.

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