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Apple Music appeared important improvement

В Apple Music появилось важное улучшениеThere is a new collection of Essential Albums.

Apple in your Apple Music service decided one of the most annoying problems, namely, there was a publication and displayed music albums.

The fact that by this time singles and compilations were grouped together with Studio albums. Therefore, to listen to a certain album, often had to scroll through dozens of unrelated or redundant releases, until you find the right.

As highlighted, the confusion was not possible to find the most important compositions of the unknown musician.

Now the situation has changed for the better. In particular, his Studio albums have received its own section and now appear first. At the same time provides a separate section for live performances, compilations and singles.

In addition, a new collection of Essential Albums, which can be seen in the profiles of most of the great artists, and it is located right under the most popular songs.

Note that this update is implemented on the server side, so users don’t do anything.

However, even after the innovation the situation is hardly ideal. Since the best publication and re-mastering still clutter up the list of albums and not allow you to clearly see the history of their appearance.

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