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Apple may release iPhone foldable at the end of the decade

Apple is credited with interest towards foldable smartphones, the history of which began some years ago with the announcement of the first flexible display from Samsung. However, has not yet been provided with any production model of these phones, but Apple could be the first – according to rumors, its foldable iPhone will be released in 2020.

At the moment it is difficult to imagine how the market will react to the emergence of such devices – after all foldable smartphone is comfortable only during transport, but to open it several times a day to view messages or dialing want not everyone. In addition, we all remember how often I had to repair the ribbon cable in the cots the beginning of the century, and perhaps over the years they have become more reliable. The reliability of themselves folding screens too вызsdftn questions – it is unknown how many cycles of open/close they will be able to withstand.

Probably for these reasons, collapsible smartphones are still not available in mass production, but Apple can still try your luck – the original iPhone at the time, changed the mobile market for many years. Recall that Apple has begun to develop its own screens microLED endowed with many advantages over OLED they do not burn. Perhaps, this panel will be part of a foldable iPhone if it ever comes out.

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