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Apple is preparing a new presentation

Apple готовит новую презентациюSome reputable Internet publication has already managed to gather some information.

On 30 October, Apple will hold a second presentation in autumn 2018.

Apple deploys its regular annual presentation on October 30. In this regard, many people have certain assumptions about what we actually see during the exhibition presentation.

However, unlike the rumors, some reputable online publication has managed to gather some information and details about what awaits us with the highest probability at the exhibition.

As soon as this is a preliminary listing of products and of Apple products continues to grow, many users are not at all speculate about that in the coming year Apple will focus on artificial intelligence technology.

It may well be, however, is still to return to the information that already can be called more or less authoritative. During Apple’s upcoming exhibition we are likely to see a new type of MacBook, which will differ more significantly the low price – apparently, authoritative resources say this because at the moment, significant efforts Apple in competition with Chromebook and Windows devices in the educational segment. If so, the new year for the company and its users will be really great.

In addition, it is reported about a possible showing of the new Mac Mini, and iMac – and it is reported that the company makes a turn in the direction of classics to meet the tastes and needs of the absolute majority of its users. Also there was news that the new MacBook, which will be presented at the exhibition, will certainly be devoid of the usual ports for charging – which could mean the company’s desire to permanently move to a wireless format charging their devices.

Whatever it was, and the new annual exhibition presentation of Apple is a very promising time – especially in the context of increasing competition with other manufacturers, who are also not sitting idly by. However, some of them even had to postpone or even to cancel their own presentations at the end of the month because of the decision of the Apple to hold it on October 30.

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