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Apple is developing a new technology

Apple разрабатывает новую технологиюApple working on Voice ID technology

According to Appleinsider, Apple is working to develop the voice recognition system Voice ID. This is evidenced by the documents of the trademark office and the U.S. patents.

The program will read the unique characteristics of voice: the tone and fluctuation of voice cords. It is expected that the technology will exist separately from the Face ID and replace it on all future devices. The advantage of a Voice ID before Face ID is the convenience. To unlock the user will not have to take the phone, simply say the code word or phrase, which is much easier if the hands, for example, busy bags, or soiled. After analyzing smartphone or unlock it, or offer to enter password manually.

Now the voice recognition technology used by many banks and business companies, as one of the most secure systems user identification. So Voice ID can be considered to be the safest technology in the history of smartphones.

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