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Apple iPhone X rose sharply

Apple iPhone X резко подорожалIn the secondary market for used iPhone X sold at record high prices

Analytics company B-Stock conducted a study of the secondary market of smartphones and came to the conclusion that on iPhone X exhibit the highest resale value than any other phone.

Average iPhone selling price X resale is only 85% of the new device is much more expensive compared to the previous generations of the iPhone, b/u of the model which are estimated at only 65%.

The main reason for exorbitant prices is the increased demand for X. iPhone Buyers would rather buy a used smartphone for less money, but will not consider alternatives.

In addition to new devices, even older computers and smartphones can be sold at a bargain price. Such a policy is typical of many Apple products: they are high quality, resilient and long time by Apple.

Used iPhone X is a great example of liquidity of Apple technology. In the secondary market X iPhone is sold in around 22-24 thousand. Moreover, with the recent events with the rise of the dollar, a top-end smartphone of Apple in Ukraine will only go up.

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