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Apple iPhone X revealed another problem with the screen

The new iPhone X, the one which asked for 92 000, has a huge problem with the screen: it may not work in the cold, burn out or even give any place a vertical green strip, which can not remove. On the weekend it revealed another problem with the screen, this time associated with build quality.

A number of users complained about the so-called “walking screen” Apple iPhone X, which means that the exfoliation from the body at the bottom. If you click on the bottom edge of the panel, it starts to make a sound like “click” when you use pupyrchatoy film on purpose.

At the time of writing the news the cause of the fault is not detected, but the problem of mass has not yet become: perhaps the defect appears in the models of a particular party, released when responsible for the build quality of the Chinese was a break for lunch. In General X Apple iPhone has become one of the most problematic smartphones in 2017, and the palm in this respect he shares with another flagship Google Pixel 2 XL. Here, too, there are problems with the screen and with the speaker and even softovoi component.

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