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Apple iPhone 8 will not dactiloscopy on the rear panel

The network got the photo of the case for not yet announced a smartphone Apple iPhone 8. As you can see, dual camera still available, but the fingerprint scanner is not here, and it’s really, really good.

Previously, the Internet was published renders of Apple iPhone 8, where the scanner was located right in the center of the rear panel, and it looked just creepy. Apparently, from this insane idea, Apple still refused, but a reasonable question arises — where, then this is dactyloscopy, given that the cell phone plan frameless? The options are exactly three: in the Apple iPhone 8 it may not be Touch ID, or it will be placed under the screen or on the lateral end. On the proposed picture of guilt cutouts for two speakers and volume buttons on the left side, but nothing more about the appearance of the mobile phone for this picture to say. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Apple iPhone 8 is expected now in September, and around it there is a great number of rumors just amazed that the world is only of interest to a cell phone with the operating system. Whatever it was, the attention he attracts to himself, and Apple simply will not be right for mistake: given the sameness of all IPhones in the last three years the new iPhone 8 is simply obliged to differ from them, at least outwardly.

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