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Apple iPhone 8 added support for VR and wireless charging

New information about the smartphone Apple iPhone 8 — this time it is alleged that it finally built support for wireless charging, which has long has all modern flagships. In addition, in the mobile phone are expected to attend the long-awaited support for virtual reality, VR.

A year ago, the Network got the render of the prototype Apple iPhone 7 with a built in smart connector. As a result, the seventh of the IPhone it was not, and now he’s credited with the new Apple iPhone 8. He is supposed to be able to provide wireless charging and the ability to connect all kinds of accessories, which include hats virtual and augmented realities. The announcement of the phone is expected in the summer or autumn of this year, and now he has acquired simply by an incredible number of rumors. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

There are two reasons: first, the new Apple iPhone 8 is the anniversary, the second, for three years Apple was not anything truly new, and seventh the IPhone, in fact, is just the upgraded sixth generation, not more. Same design, same screen resolution, maybe one or two components replaced, and strips of antennas redrawn. That’s why still waiting the new Apple iPhone 8, because if this year will not be anything revolutionary, then Samsung with its new S8 will capture the market of top mobile phones.

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