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Apple has resumed the production of iPhone X

Apple, according to yet unconfirmed reports, resumed production of the iPhone X, released a year ago and removed from the conveyor because of the release of newer models. The latter, as it turned out, useless because of the high prices, and iPhone X for the year fell and became popular by the broad masses.

As shown, the world community does not need the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max horse with their price tags, especially in Russia and China – we have Xiaomi and OnePlus have better functionality. XR and even the iPhone, which Apple had high hopes, failed to sell all for the same reason – for the money that he asked for, it offers too little and look too dull, but still a giant.

In short, this year, Apple screwed up big time and just collapsed. Hence, the decision to resume production of the iPhone X, which Apple put on purpose to push iPhone XR. But whether fans of the bitten Apple for a year smarter, whether affected by the positive impact of the flagship for Android for $500 (the second variant is more probable), but the ploy failed. As a General result, the production of all IPhones 2018 halved, and the remaining capacity are given under iPhone X and iPhone 8 with iPhone 8 Plus the demand for Trinity continues to grow.

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