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Apple has patented a smartphone with a folding screen

Immediately after Samsung has patented its own smartphone with a flexible screen, allowing it to be folded literally in half, exactly the same thing was done by Apple. Oddly enough, despite the similar ideas, the us patent office issued Apple a patent for a number 9504170 describing the “flexible display device”.

Apparently, the war with the Korean competitor will come to a qualitatively new level. A patent for a flexible phone does not mean that Apple immediately rush to assemble a prototype and to prepare the production version. On the contrary, the appearance of such a device in the near future is highly unlikely, since initially, the company will give other manufacturers a head start, then sue them for patent infringement and at the same time learn from their own mistakes, and only then will be presented to a folding device with a bitten Apple on the case.

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Most likely, the way it happens, since according to this scheme, Apple has been working for more than one year. In the description foldable smartphone from Apple mentioned the availability of flexible OLED screen in one version or two screens with the backing of special polymer, capable of developing into a single display, when the smartphone is in the open state. Also the patent States about the smartphone, consisting of three sections, the description of which is not given.

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