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Apple has named the reasons of spontaneous combustion iPhone 7

Apple назвали причины самовозгорания iPhone 7 Popular technology company, Apple conducted its own investigation in China and the reported cases of spontaneous combustion of smartphones.

Such cases were not more than three pieces.

In the world the leaked image of the iPhone 7, which had traces of spontaneous combustion. Users blamed an American company in the distribution of defective products. After such statements to preserve their image as a media company could not stay aside. Official representatives kupertinovtsy conducted a personal investigation, which found strange factors. First, these cases happened only in China and nowhere else. Second, the victims could be counted on the fingers. Thirdly, all the victims had themselves breached the terms of the popular gadget. From the words of representatives of Apple, all the victims are to blame for their troubles. One suffered your smartphone in the informal service center and who knows what he’s done with him. Another used a fake charging equipment that had a power outage the result of which was the fire.

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The management of the company at first was puzzled, because he was afraid to suffer huge losses, as was the case with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. When it was revealed all the details of this problem, they said that the damage will not be restored, and the cases are not large-scale.

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