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Apple has explained what to do if lost earphone

В Apple объяснили, что делать, если потерялся наушник“I’m hard to buy and easy to lose” — the phrase is, could not be accurately describing wireless headphones Apple AirPods.

Since the announcement of the headset fans of “Apple” products I have been worrying myself with questions: when the audio accessory will finally be available, and what to do if one is inserted into the ear canal sounder will be irretrievably lost.

Copertina, zatarivanie with the terms of the model release AirPods first due to technical problems, and then ostensibly because of the difficulties associated with the production process, finally made the headphones available to order. In addition, Apple announced the price list for individual parts for AirPods with their loss or non-warranty damage. The manufacturer offers to buy one earphone for $69. In the same price cost and brand charger for AirPods, acting also in the role of a case for storing the headphones.

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If AirPods still under warranty, then insert a new battery into each of the headphones Apple will take with the owner of a headset for $49, as for repair of the charging station. In the absence of guarantee both services will be priced at $69.

If the problem with the battery is not connected to its natural wear and recognized by the Apple warranty, then replace it promise to produce for free.

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