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Apple gave them permission to test Autonomous cars

Apple разрешили тестировать беспилотные автомобилиApple begins testing of autopilot for cars

Recently, we almost never encountered with the mention of project Titan, which is developing Autonomous cars Apple. But it seems that the cupertinos were not going to throw this project. And recently the American manufacturer has surfaced on the website of the Department of motor vehicles California list of companies that have received permission to test Autonomous cars.

Thus, we have actually the first official confirmation of active development of the project of Autonomous cars Apple Titan. However, Apple itself is not going to enter into an open confrontation with Uber, Google, Tesla and other companies involved in the development of unmanned vehicles. And Bloomberg believe that Apple is planning to do testing only its own software platform for Autonomous cars, which will be installed at the crossovers Lexus RX450h.

Thus, according to the Department of motor vehicles California, cupertinos received permission to test only three Lexus RX450h 2015 with six drivers. For comparison, on the roads of Silicon valley already goes several dozen Autonomous cars Waymo (a division of Alphabet), and in a Tesla and GM have more than 20 cars each. All in all, the list of Department of motor vehicles California among the 30 different companies. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Work on project Titan underway for several years. But at the end of last year, “informed sources” reported the failure of Apple from developing their own Autonomous vehicle and reorientation of the project on creation of a platform for Autonomous cars. It was assumed that in the future Apple may return to the original project or to act as a partner of a major automaker.

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