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Apple for a month in lost revenue over the first 30 years

Apple за месяц потеряла доход за первые 30 лет работыThe company’s shares fell in price, what caused the huge losses in the last month.

In early November, the market capitalization of Apple exceeded one trillion dollars. But at the moment she fell to 921 billion. It analysts Business Insider.

Over the last five weeks, Apple has lost about $ 190 billion. Experts say that such was the value of the company eight years ago.

The company’s stock plummeted, losing on Monday, November 12, another five percent. Now they are 194 dollar apiece. Experts attribute the fall to a decrease in demand for the iPhone and the disappointment in the company’s products.

This led to the fact that for five weeks the company’s shares depreciated by the amount that Apple has earned over the 30 years since the founding.

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