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Apple filed a billion-dollar lawsuit against Qualcomm

Apple подала миллиардный иск против QualcommApple demands $1 billion from Qualcomm for overcharging.

Apple has sued Qualcomm, demanding nearly a billion dollars overpaid for the license fee.

The lawsuit was filed in Federal court for the southern district of California. The complaint States that Qualcomm tried to prevent Apple to find other suppliers, processors and required too high a fee for the granting of licenses to use their patents.

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“Qualcomm has built its business by following the older and traditional standards, but it increases its dominance with the help of restrictive measures and excessive royalties,” reads the lawsuit Apple.

The lawsuit also notes that Qualcomm sold Apple products at preferential terms, but was subsequently deprived of discounts. The decision was taken after the Corporation began to cooperate with the South Korean regulatory bodies, conducting investigation against Qualcomm’s licensing practices.

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“Apple misrepresented the agreements and negotiations, it failed to recognize the tremendous value invented by Qualcomm technologies,” said Qualcomm General counsel don Rosenberg. According to the lawyer, Qualcomm “welcomes the opportunity of the court.”

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