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Apple deny the transfer of the announcement of the iPhone 12

Apple’s partner has denied the information about the postponement of the announcement of the new smartphones from the iPhone 12. Information about the transfer circulated a very large edition of the Hikkei, citing its sources in the supply chain.

As it became known today, the presentation of the iPhone 12 has indeed been postponed to a later date, but this threat remained until the middle of March 2020. Now, according to Apple, their work schedule is fully established, and cell phones will show in time, that is in September. Apple, as always, decided to leave this information without comment. We will remind that problems with the production of mobile phones in varying degrees, have now all companies and the culprit has long been the boring coronavirus.

It stops companies, which manufactured components of mobile phones, and factories, which they then prevraschaetsya in a single smartphone. Apple has moved the presentation cheap iPhone 9, also known as iPhone 2 SE, and apparently she’s not willing to sacrifice another and the main model range, especially because competitors are not asleep and produced a much more advanced mobile phones than the current iPhone 11.

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