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Apple banned the use of the logo bag

Apple запретила использовать в качестве логотипа грушу Employees claim that the logo is Pear Technologies similar to their trademark.

The intellectual property office of the European Union (EUIPO) ruled on the inadmissibility of the use by company Pear Technologies as a logo the silhouette of the pear (pear in English means “pear” — ed.). Against this image was made by Apple.

The pictures for Apple has forbidden to register the logo with the silhouette of a pear

To register the logo Pear Technologies, which develops software and provides digital mapping, has tried since February 2014. However, in November Apple’s lawyers contested this application.

According to representatives of the company logos of Apple and pear are the same from a legal point of view. So, both images are “abstract stylization” and have “smooth, rounded”.

In turn, lawyers Pear Technologies recalled that image of pear and Apple differ. In addition, the company has no logo of the bitten parts, it is painted in gray and under it is placed the name of the company. As a result, in EUIPO recognized that the images have differences, but this is still not enough to avoid the conclusion of “visual similarity”.

Apple also contributed to the removal of applications for registration of other trademarks Technologies with Pear picture of pear. Microsoft attorneys proved that the image of a bitten Apple is so strongly associated from the population with Apple that other logos of fruits in the same segment of the market can lead consumers astray.

Earlier it was reported that a California Apple district judge of the Netherlands has forbidden to issue so-called “restored” equipment instead of devices with defects under warranty.

Apple запретила использовать в качестве логотипа грушу

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