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Apple accused of espionage

Apple обвинили в шпионажеThe company from Cupertino involved in the theft of commercial and intellectual property.

Litigation has become a matter of everyday and common in the business world. Here is a couple of years, we’re seeing antitrust and patent wars, Qualcomm, and Apple.

Despite all the predictions that the opposition of the companies here will end with a compromise, both sides and don’t think about reconciliation. The American chip maker was dealt another blow and filed in the superior court of San Diego lawsuit, which accused Apple of industrial espionage.

In its statement, Qualcomm said that the company from Cupertino involved in the theft of commercial and intellectual property belonging to U.S. chipmakers. The lawsuit alleges that Apple illegally took possession of the source code of the software, and gave it to Intel to help her to improve manufactured modems.

Canacer does not direct evidence of guilt “Apple” of the company, and refers to the secret correspondence of the engineers of Intel and Apple. She Qualcomm hopes a new lawsuit will be consolidated into one case with other cases and, of course, will help her prove the systematic violation of Apple’s legitimate rights and interests of the well-known manufacturer of semiconductor products.

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