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Appeared the first pictures of “killer” iPhone X from Meizu

Появились первые кадры "убийцы" iPhone X от MeizuIn an unusual phone won’t faces the screen.

We often hear that this or that smartphone is ready to try on the laurels of the frameless. What do you want? To attract users ‘ attention and get them to put your hard earned money is not an easy task. If progress in the chamber and the filling no, the manufacturers are trying to play on the fact that no part of the “we will be happy”. The following year, your answer to Xiaomi Mi Mix is preparing Meizu, which lags well behind rivals in terms of output edge of the device. How constructively will look like new, we learn not soon. Although, insiders offer us now look at the newcomer.

In the network appeared renderings that show us what can be the future smartphone. Someone when you look at the image there Association with inverted Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, and someone will see tablet features Samsung Galaxy Note 8, where the bottom panel considered it unnecessary attribute. On the back side we see the system of two modules with a vertical layout, as well as the solution with the logo of Meizu played just like in Pro 7. Despite the skepticism, there is a feeling that the smartphone in this version, users will want.

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If technology allows, then maybe someone will be able to create something similar. But whether Meizu first, unknown. Most likely, these renderings are only the fruit of labor visionaries and ConceptDraw.

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