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Appeared nine minutes of new gameplay God of War

Появились девять минут нового геймплея God of WarThe video shows cutting of pure gameplay.

Often publishers send to the press and bloggers new information about their games, but forbid them to publish up to a point. It’s called “embargo”. So, sometimes unscrupulous people break the embargo and then leaks happen.

Fresh leak occurred at the new God of War. In the Internet appeared the video, where glimpses of the conditions of the embargo: the video was supposed to go to public access until 19 Mar 17:00 Kyiv time. But you see, someone decided to make an unscheduled premiere.

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The video shows cutting of pure gameplay recorded on PlayStation 4 Pro. You will see how Kratos wielding an axe, a shield and his fists, as he helps the little boy and pumping equipment. Thanks to the latter, for example, you can see that in God of War there are a handful of your character power, rune, protection, health, luck and speed recovery. They obviously vary depending on what armor wears Kratos.

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