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Apartments in new buildings in Kiev rose

Квартиры в киевских новостройках подорожалиThe decrease in average prices was observed only in the Podolsk district – 0.9%.

In January 2019, the average cost of apartments in new buildings in Kiev has grown in comparison with December of the 2018 0.5% to 24 587 UAH per square meter.

The decrease in average prices was observed only in the Podolsk district – 0.9%. In other districts the increase was from 0.5% in Obolonskyi to 1.8% in goloseyevsky Svyatoshinsky and.

In the structure of supply of primary residence is dominated by new buildings comfort class with 41% and economy class was 26%. The share of new buildings business class – 23% premium – 10% of the total.

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In January, a greater number of residential complexes were offered in goloseyevsky – 18%, Shevchenko – 14%, Solomenskiy and Darnitskiy – 13%, caves – 11% areas. Fewer new buildings in the Dneprovsky – 8% in Desnyanskiy, Podolsky and svyatoshynskyi – on 6%, Obolon district – 5%.

In January, the average cost represented by the sale of 1-4-room apartments in Kyiv noted at the level of $ 1,247 per sq. m. Relative to December, the average price increased by 0.1%.

In the national currency, the cost of apartments decreased by 1% to UAH 34639/sq m, which was due to the strengthening of the hryvnia.

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Over the past month in national currency recorded an increase in average prices in Obolonskyi 1%, in the Dnieper 0.4%, Shevchenko 0.3% and Podolsky 0.2%. In other administrative districts of Kyiv registered a decline from 0.4% in Desnyanskiy to 4.1% in Solomenskiy.

In dollar terms, the average price decreased in Solomenskiy district 3.1%, in other administrative districts has increased from 0.3% in the crypt to 2.1% in Obolon. The supply of apartments relative to January 2018 declined by 17.6%.

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