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Apartment prices in Ukraine continue to fall

Цены на квартиры в Украине продолжают падатьIn 2017 the real estate prices in Ukraine fell by 10-15%.

The fall in apartment prices began in 2008, and in 2014 the cost of housing in dollar terms fell by 2% on a monthly basis. Overall, according to the realtor Alexander Grishko, over the last 10 years the cost of apartments fell three times.

Reasons for the decline in prices a depreciation of the hryvnia, the decline of purchasing power of Ukrainians, the situation in the ATO.

The experts noted that in 2018, the trend will continue – rates will drop by approximately 10%, although critical, will not collapse.

Prices: from 18 thousand to several million dollars.
The budget areas are: Desna and potential.
The most expensive districts: Pechersk and Shevchenko.

One-bedroom apartment in the capital you can find with a budget of half a million hryvnia ($18 thousand). There are options and more than 200 thousand dollars (Kiev center), argues Alexander Grishko. The price of “kopeck piece” starts from 20 thousand dollars and goes up to a million dollars. Two-bedroom apartment, you can find slightly cheaper 30 thousand dollars.

“Many real estate professionals argue that a good investment is to buy apartments in new buildings. This opinion is shared by enough buyers who are willing to vote with their money,” – said the realtor.

This is primarily due to the favorable price – usually apartments that are in the construction phase several times cheaper.


Price; from 8 to 30 thousand dollars;
Most budget areas: Factory, Pavlo-Kichkas, khortitskiy and Osipenkovskiy;
The most expensive areas: Aleksandrovskiy district and Voznesenovskaya.

In the market of Zaporozhye there is a low supply of new objects. Good suggestions are few.

“This is due to the reluctance of the bulk of owners to sell their apartments at such low security, which are dictated by the market: people expect real estate prices will grow” – says the realtor Kirill Goncharov.

Most of the buyers also is expectant attitude and “grabs” the options that are offered below market value. Special demand is for one-bedroom apartments. The prices of some of them, according to the realtor, remained at the same level, when the dollar was still at the rate of 8 UAH.

In the secondary market, the minimum price of one-bedroom apartments sold is 8 thousand dollars, the maximum is 30 thousand dollars. “Accordingly, the first apartment was killed in the state, the second in a good place with great appliances and furniture,” says the realtor.

The minimum price of one-bedroom apartments sold is $ 12. The maximum value it depends on square feet: average $ 900 per sq. m.

“Three – and four-room flats do not enjoy special popularity, in conjunction with expensive services. With the exception of the house with independent heating, new building with closed territory, Concierge and security,” – said Goncharov.

Prices for three – and four-room flats starting with 17 thousand dollars and go up to $ 900 per sq. m.

“For new buildings Zaporozhye to say something very difficult. The main problem is building them in places not popular in principle”, – said the expert. The second problem of the new buildings is the construction of apartments too metrognome.

Prices: from 12 to 170 thousand dollars and above;
The budget areas are: the Basis, HTZ, Rogan, Airport;
The most expensive areas: mountain Center, Pine Hill.

Apartments economy segment in Kharkov are characterized by remoteness from the city center, and are located mainly on the first and last floor of low houses.

“For the expensive housing typical of the prestige of the area. As a rule, home business, premium or club houses with excellent repair are much more expensive. Also the cost is affected by the presence of furniture, high floor with panoramic views and large plan”, – says the realtor Igor Balaka.

The minimum price of two-bedroom apartments – 14 thousand dollars, the maximum is 170 thousand dollars. The starting price of three-room apartment – 20 thousand dollars. The cost can reach up to 2.5 thousand dollars per square meter

Prices for new apartments start from 13 thousand dollars for a Studio apartment and go up to 133 thousand dollars. “Also popular in Kharkov, the segment smart apartments with total area from 9 to 30 square meters”, – said the expert.

Prices: from 15 to 200 thousand dollars and above;
The budget areas are: Shevchenko (Lviv) and Sykhiv;
The most expensive areas: downtown and Lychakiv (Park pohulianka).

According to the realtor Paul Shumilova, one-bedroom apartment (30 sqm) with no repair and no balconies can be purchased for 15 thousand dollars. Two-room apartment (44 sqm) in the “khruschovka” and no repairs can be purchased for 24 thousand dollars.

The minimum price of an apartment in Novostroika (63 sqm) – 27 thousand dollars, the maximum is 145 thousand dollars.The minimum price of two-bedroom apartment without repair – 28 thousand dollars, a maximum of 130 thousand dollars.

Apartment of 80 square meters in the Baroque style, with designer renovation and individual heating will cost 160 thousand dollars, that is about 2 thousand per sqm in new buildings In Lviv the apartment is 45 sq m with balcony, armored doors, designer renovation, individual heating, and panoramic views from the Windows will cost 90 thousand – also about 2 thousand dollars for sq. m.

Prices: from 18 to 100 thousand dollars or above;
The best budget area: shumensky;
Most expensive area: city-center.

According to realtor Anna Decoy, a feature of Kherson is a dense development of residential neighborhoods 50-60’s and the 80-90-ies. The new buildings are few and they represent a certain risk.

“The purchase of such objects is increased risk is unknown, land which is under renovation building with the supply of communications (because some buildings stood empty from 5 to 10 years), can the developer change the purpose of the building from nonresidential to residential,” says the realtor.

One bedroom apartment in the residential districts of Kherson is an average of 18-20 thousand dollars, in the center, 25-35 thousand dollars. “Odnushku” in the new building can be bought for 19 thousand dollars.

Two-room apartment in the secondary market in a residential area can be purchased for 25 to 28 thousand dollars. The initial price of apartments in new buildings of 25 thousands dollars, the maximum – 50 thousand dollars.

The average cost of two-bedroom apartments in residential areas – 27-35 thousand dollars, in the center – from 40-100 thousand dollars. New building in a nice house from $ 800 per sq. m.

“Valued homes with their own Parking spaces (the center of Kherson cut catacombs, so Parking is rarely built). In all cases the first and last floor are cheaper”,- said Decoy.

Prices: from 8 to 37 thousand dollars and above;
Most budget areas: Ternovka, Matveyevka, Varvarovka, the Factory area;
Most expensive area: city-center – street the Cathedral and Central Avenue.

According to realtor Andrew Oleinikov, one-bedroom apartments on the secondary market are sold at a price of 8 thousand dollars. Maximum price – 18 thousand dollars. One-bedroom apartment can be purchased for 9-28 thousand dollars, three – room-for 11 to 37 thousand dollars.

In General, according to experts, the cost of housing is influenced by several factors: the number of storeys (first and last floors cost cheaper), the distance from the center, the layout, the furniture and General condition of the building.

In addition, the best period for home purchase is the summer and Christmas holidays. Autumn on the contrary is often a dramatic short-term jump.

“Before the New year demand is decreasing, this also gives way. After the holidays, someone from the owners hoped that now there will be many buyers for its properties and can raise the price. Also upgrades in General can slightly raise the market price tags, but certainly not on sales,” – say realtors.

Shares for the purchase of new housing usually announced by Easter and Christmas. While discounts of up to 5 thousand dollars for an apartment. But often you rise the price of the same bag. Experts also suggest to remember that promotions and discounts do not relate to popular developers – they have a shortage of apartments.

In addition, there are global trends. For example, in areas where a lot of new buildings, the price of “secondary” fall to 3-5%.

Цены на квартиры в Украине продолжают падать

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