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Ants overgrown unleash hell in the desert (TRAILER)

In the network appeared the new trailer for the Comedy horror film “It came from the desert” (It Came from the Desert), we’ve been watching pretty closely. This adaptation of old-school games, and movies should be old school – that the level of special effects, that the spirit of the good old monster-horror or b-movie 50 years.

The film is set in the new Mexico desert, where both competitions are held for motocross and loud party. Girls, alcohol, fun – it’s time to dilute the usual picture of giant ants!

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In the spring we gave the project a first glance, summer looked at the selection of cadres, last month estimated a hilarious teaser. In General, already imbued with the story of the attack of the ants-mutants. A new trailer confirms that we are waiting for something very funny.

The painting was signed by Finnish Director Marko Makilala (“war of the dead”). On the script worked with him Trent Haaga (“to Kill for 68”), and Hank Woon Jr. (the”Atlantic frontier”). Actors involved Alex mills (“Episodes”), Vanessa Grasse (“the Texas chainsaw massacre: leatherface”), Harry Smith (TV’s “War and peace”), James Alper (“Poirot”), Claudia Trujillo (“Time dogs”), mark Arnold (“blade Runner 2049”) and others.

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The exact premiere date is still not named, but the film is promised to be released before the New year.

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