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Anton Orekh: are You gay?

Антон Орехъ: Вы геи?

Russian art is going through hard times. Movie sucked, actors, Directors… Who are watching TV – the circus is not laughing. Disassemble interview with Petrov and Bocharovym serious – not serious. I lacked in the course of just laugh when what a silly joke, the louder the laughter. Tell the viewer where it should be especially fun.

But this Debussy still could be saved. Damn them with passports Petrov and Bashirova, but that the faces are the same, and you should have asked not about the passports. Margarita Simonyan was right to ask the question: “Guys – are you gay?”. And the guys were safely looking at the facial expression of Margarita, to say loudly: “Yes, we love each other! We’re gay and we don’t see anything wrong with that!”.

And then the whole world will discuss only this, as two of Russian intelligence did coming out. In a country where you can in fact put in jail just because you are “blue” or “pink” to say that broadcast TV propaganda – it’s cool. Pick a template, take a chance! You do have a whole bunch of spin-doctors, speechwriters and other neuroprogenitor – why are you a damn fine-it can not do it! Then you have the General Zolotov improvises in the way of polovodice, these two survivors of the bot.

That whole interview is a lie – even a bit awkward to explain, but the government still should not turn himself into a laughing stock. Let this be a tedious, doubtful, but even a little bit like something.

And if you still try to be serious in this traveling circus, the task of Petrov and Bashirova was the most justified. And to tell about yourself as much as possible. And come they have not for support, and behind the podium to get on it and talking all the time, showing a selfie from the Cathedral in Salisbury, passport numbers, to bring their wives, children, girlfriends. And if they really are gay – deploy rainbow flag.

If they have a fitness club, allowing you to continuously ride in Europe – show club, barbell, dumbbell and happy customers. And when people say that we are not interrogated, and put three pages of restrictions – then why are you surprised that like fools?

This is why I always say that the real trouble with Russia is that the country remained professional. No traitor to poison can not, either to cover his tracks, nor gay to play or script a beautiful tale about tourists bodybuilders to write. Lord! In Russian forgot even to lie! Country is ruining Amateurs, and you’re funny that the two men Luggage women’s perfume.

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