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Anton Nut: do Not exaggerate

Антон Орехъ: Не стоит преувеличивать

To exaggerate nothing ever should. Likewise, never underestimate. When Maria Zakharova asks not to exaggerate the role of the allies in the Second world war, I do not quite understand, you are talking about – who’s exaggerating?

Zakharova and all these people — they bet like with ourselves. Themselves in my head give rise to counterfeiters, liars, provocateurs – or find some little interesting freaks and begin with them to argue, to fight, to refute something.

The Soviet Union has indeed been a major and decisive contribution to the Victory! And losses were the most significant at all! Another question, why are we so flaunt these losses? Millions dead is a tragedy, not achievement.

Yes, the allies talk more about their victims than our own, but it’s understandable. It’s their sacrifice to their ancestors. Their grief is always clearer and heavier, and the death of a friend to you man, more bitter than the death of thousands of people unknown to you. It so happened that shortly after the war ways with our former allies are sharply divided. We Germans now seem much better than the British and especially the Americans.

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And did not understand, who with whom and against whom he fought. In the end, against Germany, the war was four years, and Washington we are fighting seventy-four about nuclear war with the Americans we speak almost every day.

Of course, after this, as something one does not want to exaggerate their contribution to the victory over Hitler. But it just so happened that because of the decades of the Cold war and the present cold peace, the role of the us and UK never really talked. So without exaggeration, but without silence.

Yes, the allies opened the Second front only in 1944, but the US at the same time actively fought against Japan. And Japan for this reason, just have not had the opportunity to attack the USSR from the East! A second front could be there just to fight on two fronts would have had the Soviet Union. And before the Normandy invasion, our country received from the allies is really important for her assistance.

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Two-thirds of the trucks at the front was American, and by the end of the war, and they fought. Under lend-lease, we received two and a half times as many locomotives than made themselves. Every sixth and every eighth tank the aircraft was imported – this is also not a small thing.

I’m not even talking about that at some point in the country simply had nothing to eat, because under the occupiers was the main agricultural areas. American canned meat was not only army, but also ordinary people in the rear.

Could our ancestors to win without this help? Still would have I’m sure! But how many more would last war? One, two, three? How many more millions of lives would be expected for her? The sad result of war is that the enemies we somehow reconciled, but friends continue to fight. Without any exaggeration.

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