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Anton Gusev reacted to the statement by ex-wife that she didn’t love him


The Network has already appeared information about the fact that the hero reality TV “Dom-2” Anton Gusev left the family for another party to show Victoria romanet. Eugene admitted that the disorder in their family happened a long time ago. And she recently spoke with fans live Instagram and said I didn’t love my ex-husband.

Eugene admitted: “I don’t think I’ve loved any man. I really wanted to experience in my life the feeling that as much as you cry about being away from loved ones, but so far it seems to me that the only person I could so love, this is my son, but it’s a kid, such things can not be compared”.

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Anton decided not to remain silent and commented on the statement of a former lover in an interview with Starhit. He confirmed the words of Eugene: “I know she’s never loved someone, I could feel it. Now I keenly felt the contrast with Vika. Now I know how it feels to love and when not to. I hope Jack loves our son Daniel, I think that this is so. And the fact that she felt no hard feelings to any man — I do not doubt it. Because when you love, you give completely as she now. I was not hurt to hear it from Eugene, we both to divorce approached consciously, I have no regrets, I hate what broke up the family. I don’t know what love means for Zhenya, and did not understand until now. So I’m not surprised by this statement.”

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We will remind, recently Anton in an interview with “House-2” has shared details of his personal life and told him why they divorced Eugene: “Eugene is building his personal life. At the time, it was she who proposed to disperse. It happened when we started to have business problems. Then I tried to get her back, repeatedly came, but Jack, apparently, had his eye on “a piece of meatier”. My ex-wife always longed for a beautiful life. Hope she got what she wanted”.

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