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Antibiotic found anti-cancer properties

У антибиотика найдены противораковые свойстваThe facilities were a potential remedy against cancer.

Researchers at the Institute of pharmaceutical studies. Helmholtz in Zelande (HIPS) and the Center for the study of infections to them. Helmholtz (HZI) reported about the amazing properties of the antibiotic carollton. Scientists have found that the medication blocks a key enzyme which cancer cells need more than usual.

Carollton is a natural antibiotic derived from a soil bacterium Sorangium bacterium. A substance capable of disrupting crucial processes in other bacteria and prevent the formation of biofilms by the microbe Streptococcus mutans, which is the main cause of tooth decay. In addition, carollton prevents the growth of one of the most dangerous bacteria – Streptococcus pneumonieae.

Scientists from Germany have discovered an unknown molecular target of the substance – it is with a great specificity of the key enzyme FolD and tie it. When this FolD is involved in the formation of folic acid in metabolism of C1 that is vital for growth of any organism. It is formed by nucleic acids, amino acids and Pro-vitamins. This enzyme is especially necessary for cancer cells and in experiments showed the ability to block their growth.

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