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“Anti-Semitic” caption on CNN provoked a huge scandal

Live American news channel CNN has released its weekly program, The Lead, in which the lead Ciatto Jim and his guests discussed the victory of Donald trump in the presidential elections. At some point, the bottom of the screen appeared the caption, “the founder of the alternative right are interested in, are the Jews a people?”. The message hung on the screen for a few minutes, during this time, he noticed the audience, which criticized the social media channel.

“Anti-Semitic” caption on CNN provoked a huge scandal

The caption that appeared in a live broadcast channel CNN, was a quote one of the statements is Richard Spencer, the leader of the American far-right organization “Institute of national policy.” Social media users reacted to the appearance of such reports on national news TV channel – in their opinion, this statement is anti-Semitic.

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One of the messages that appeared on Twitter during a live CNN:CNN last week: “do we Need Muslims to register?” Today: “Are the Jews a people?” Tomorrow: “Can women vote?” Next week: “Save any economy slavery?””.
A fragment of a live broadcast channel CNN
The incident and criticized Jake tapper permanent host of a talk show, The Lead, who is now on vacation. On his page on Twitter he wrote: “I have this week to relax, but I’m furious about what happened. This is unacceptable!”. Later, the Huffington Post turned to CNN for comment, the representative of the media through the newspaper apologized to its viewers and said that the editor of the TV channel, so sorry about what happened.

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This is not the first case of error, CNN: his staff periodically confuse Nigeria and Niger, Australia and Austria, Cannes according to them suddenly became a city in Spain and the Ukrainian Slavyansk moved to the Crimea. A few years ago, when Scotland held an independence referendum, CNN said that expressed your opinion 110% of the population.

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