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Anti-people laws are passed in a pipelined manner

Антинародные законы принимаются конвейерным способом

The law on increasing the retirement age adopted in the third reading. Surprisingly not even that — it would be strange to expect from the cannibals that they will refrain from eating human flesh. It is interesting that yesterday the Duma has unanimously voted for the presidential amendments to reduce age for women from 63 to 60, but then some members of the very opposition voted against the law. Unclear message — why would unanimously vote for the amendment, but to protest against the law. When the ass is one, and the chairs a lot, you have to show the wonders to place it on all at once.

Today, Finance Minister Siluanov said that “inefficient tax incentives” will be abolished. It’s simple — found to be ineffective and was abolished. Pay serfs.

Apparently, things are so bad that the anti-people laws, each of which worsens the position of people already accepted just in a pipelined manner. In the country every seventh inhabitant is below the poverty line — that is, officially recognized not even to the poor, and the poor. In the range that will carry man to the poor, the lives of one in four. In reality, the proportion of the poor and of the poor population in Russia is close to 70 percent, as the official counts come from the officially established minimum wage, living wage, the average wage “in the hospital” and other statistical tricks. In fact, the beggar is the one whose income is not enough for reproduction biological standards of survival, the poor — those whose incomes only cover these standards.

There is one caveat, in respect of which the government was forced to carry out the robbery of the elderly. Retirement savings stolen. The largest pension funds owned by different oligarchs, chronically generate a loss. Formally, this is called “inefficient investments”, in reality it masks a banal looting everything. Therefore, the income of oligarchs who make a loss, and offered to cover the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable.

The deputies in this endless chain of theft — just locking on. Video — the final link, the real beneficiaries of the robbery of the people just hide behind these unscrupulous and all ready people.

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