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Antenna for smartphones reduced 100 times

Антенны для смартфонов уменьшили в 100 разA promising technology may find applications in portable wireless communication systems.

American scientists have found a way to reduce the size of compact antennas in a hundred times. A study published in the journal Nature Communications.

Instead of the traditional experts have proposed to use a magneto-electric antenna-membrane with ferromagnetic and piezoelectric thin-film heterostructure. These devices receive and transmit electromagnetic wave at the resonant acoustic frequencies by using the magnetoelectric effect.

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Bulk acoustic waves in magneto-electric antennas change the magnetization of a thin film, which leads to the emission of electromagnetic waves. A drop of such antenna-membrane electromagnetic waves as a result of the piezoelectric effect causes an electrical voltage.

Traditional antennas consist of hard metal devices that are in resonance with the received electromagnetic wave. The sizes of such antennas is comparable to the wavelength. If the characteristic sizes of such antennas reach one tenth of the wavelength, the parameters of the new device is estimated at one-thousandth of the wavelength.

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A promising technology, according to scientists, may find application in portable wireless communication systems, including wearable devices, smartphones and bioimplantology antenna.

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