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“Another wolf COP” is eager for the audience!

Sequel great fun canadian treshak called “Wolf COP” ride around the festivals, the harvest of enthusiastic critics and got a rental. More precisely the two rollers, which are the companies: A71 Entertainment and Black Fawn Distribution.

The first film, remember, is also very welcome was accepted at festivals, but said that “Another wolf COP” (we will stop on such variant of translation of the phrase Another WolfCop) were steeper than the original.

Even the trailer promises us directly:

More action! More blood! More booze! More guns! And finally more donuts!

The Director and script writer Lowell Dean continues to burn with Napalm. Actors Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio and Jonathan cherry again. In addition, there is also Kevin Smith, the Director of “Tusk” and part of Silent Bob, showed up. So yeah, it should be fit:

COP-werewolf Loup Garou continues happily to sleep. Meanwhile in the city there is an eccentric businessman who tries to attract the residents of Woodhaven, thanks to a new beer plant and a hockey team, but the plans he is not virtuous. All of this makes the wolf the police to act again.

Distributors are going to arrange “Another wolf-COP” wide release in canadian multiplexes, beginning December 8, 2017. Release on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD is scheduled for 2018.

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