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Another view of “Annihilation” with Natalie Portman (TEASER)

Just yesterday we saw the first official still from “Annihilation” (Annihilation) by Alex garland, and today in our hands is already a teaser trailer. Very good teaser trailer, I must say. Movie looks good, to the extent appropriate, mysterious and atmospheric. In General, there is every reason to remember the date.

No one knows where did Area X — deadly territory, teeming with anomalous phenomena. There are not running monster, there do not bring trophies and hunters for profit there is not ply. A secret government organization sends to the Zone one research expedition after another, but most often they do not return or come back, but elusive and terribly moving. Will the new, twelfth expedition to Area to achieve what has failed predecessors, and uncover the secrets of this accursed place? Leaving behind the names and previous lives, four women — a psychologist, biologist, anthropologist, and surveyor — sent into alien, inhuman secret…

Garland, who made his name as a screenwriter (“28 days later”, “Hell”), debuted as a Director with a fantastic Thriller “of the car”. “Annihilation”, perhaps, can be attributed to the same genre. The picture is an adaptation of the novel by Jeff vandermeer state, a specialist in weird fiction, the so-called “strange prose”. Here is the journey through Area X promises to be strange. Strange and dangerous.

The plot of the book of vandermeer state garland himself has altered in the script. Starring Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tuva Novotny, Gina Rodriguez, Sonoa Mizuno and Oscar Isaac.

The world premiere of “Annihilation” is scheduled for the end of February next year, but to our cinemas the film gets only to 8 March.

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