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Another innovation of “Vkontakte” has caused a stir in the Network

Очередное нововведение "ВКонтакте" вызвало ажиотаж в СетиVKontakte hid the album of saved photos.

VKontakte again entered the updates. At this time the developers decided to hide from the public eye an album of saved photos.

Many users this fact is very upset, but some happy, because now you can save any photos without gryzenia conscience. Of course, to access the album in the privacy settings, if you carefully read the new rules.

But apparently not everyone paid attention to it, and due to carelessness of users started a mass panic. In fact, it may seem strange that the adults, well or not adults so worried about what sort of pictures even they do not belong.

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However, it seems at first glance. For some this was the whole hobby. People like to keep beautiful and interesting photos that other users came to them to the page and admired them. In fact, it’s such a simple minimum of self-affirmation and increase self-esteem. Albums some people have tens of thousands saved pictures and it would be sad if this entire archive was unavailable.

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Developers understand the importance of the album “Saved photos” for their users, and therefore now when you save a photo you receive a notification that this image you can save to another album. Well or use the privacy settings, as stated above, and open an album for universal access for all.

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